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breads and toasts

cheddar cornbread
challah with salted honey butter
elotes avocado toast
pomegranate, pistachio and figgy honey toast
quick pickle stacked toasts/sandwich

grains and pulses

couscous with pine nuts and mint
lentil salad with feta, herbs and vegetables in lemon tahini sauce
quinoa salad with pistachio mint pesto, pomegranate and apricots
turmeric couscous bowl with cauliflower, pomegranate and mint

main courses

braised chickpeas with kale, capers and feta
persian dinner party feast
quinoa and rice bowl with kale, kimchi and egg
rosemary and garlic roasted lamb
roasted root vegetables with blue cheese and maple balsamic vinaigrette
roasted veggie, miso-marinated tofu and peanut sauce bowl
slow roasted tomatoes, burrata, pesto n' polenta
winter skillet hash


pasta and cauliflower with caper bread crumbs
pistachio, goat cheese and spinach pasta


kitchen sink salad
leafy greens winter salad with apple and dates
summer peach panzanella
sweet potato farro bowl with pickled red onion and nutty tahini dressing
tabbouleh (fresh parsley, tomato and cucumber salad)
tzatziki salad with turkey, kale and feta meatballs
watermelon radish, roasted beet and goat cheese salad


brussels sprouts with a pop of pomegranate
cacio e pepe brussels sprouts
classic hummus
couscous with pine nuts and mint
honey roasted carrots with tahini dressing
mizuna with tarragon and capers
pistachio dukkah-roasted beet and feta salad

soups n' stews

coconut carrot soup with ginger and turmeric
chicken peanut stew
mint and pea soup
sweet potato chili


chocolate chip banana bread
ginger tea cake with chocolate ganache