in which i discover the science of eggs

i wish i would've known about the food lab as a tiny elementary school student. if my science classes revolved around figuring out why bacon cooks better on a rimmed baking sheet than wire racks, why kale is brighter and less bitter if you massage it, chop it, then wash it, or why the perfect level of hydration matters so much when making pizza dough...i'm fairly certain i could've been the next marie curie. (more likely I probably would've just had a deeper appreciation for dunkaroos and gone right back to reading ramona quimby, but still.) all this is to say that i have developed a fascination with science that i never really had as a child, and that is all thanks to cooking and inspired by j. kenji l√≥pez-alt. it was through this recipe, created by the new york times' melissa clark, that i discovered the science of boiling and peeling eggs.

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