November 2017 Deliveries

At times in November, it felt near impossible to eat healthfully when I was surrounded by stuffing and gravy and cookies and pie. I felt like this month I was perpetually swaying between a dessert table and a deep need for fresh fruits and veg. While it felt harder to stick to my CSA routine in between all of the holiday travels and festivities, I was also dying to try new recipes for all the guests my family entertained at Thanksgiving. Clearly, there was a lot of push and pull this month. 

I realized that the ying and yang of this month - if you will - also held true for the flavors I was craving and for the pace I wanted in cooking. When I tried to narrow down my favorite recipes from November, I instantly gravitated to a heaping, heartwarming bowl of sweet potato chili. Then I remembered how much I loved the zingy, bright flavor of the wild ginger green smoothie. I loved the super efficient make-ahead vegetarian bento box lunch as much as I took pleasure in the long, methodical process of creating a new recipe for mizuna with tarragon and capers. I took comfort in the familiar - coconut curry soup - as much as I did new flavors, like broccoli paired with buttermilk.

It strikes me that the beautiful thing about cooking is that it's endlessly adaptable to your moods and the seasons. I took full advantage of that freedom this month. 

November 2017 Deliveries
Roasted Carrots and Red Onions with Fennel and Mint || Planting My Roots

roasted carrots and red onions with fennel and mint, bon appetit

Seared Broccoli and Potato Soup Recipe || Planting My Roots

seared broccoli and potato soup with lemon, nyt cooking

Broccoli Quinoa Salad with Buttermilk Dressing || Planting My Roots

broccoli quinoa salad with buttermilk dressing, bon appetit

make ahead bento box || planting my roots

tabbouleh (vegetarian make-ahead bento box), cardamom and tea

november csa deliveries || planting my roots
salmon with mizuna || planting my roots

mizuna with tarragon and capers, planting my roots

sweet potato chili || planting my roots

sweet potato chili, 
planting my roots

wild ginger smoothie || planting my roots

wild ginger green smoothie, 
the first mess

red lentil soup with carrots and sweet potato || planting my roots

coconut curry red lentil soup, naturally ella

November 2017 || Planting My Roots
watermelon radish with tahini dijon dressing || planting my roots

kale salad with chicken and dijon tahini dressing, dishing up the dirt

kale salad with beduoin tea-roasted sweet potatoes || planting my roots

kale salad with bedouin tea-roasted sweet potatoes

red cabbage, dates and feta || planting my roots

date, feta and red cabbage salad, smitten kitchen

Crispy Jerusalem Artichokes with Aged Balsamic Recipe | Planting My Roots

crispy jerusalem artichokes with aged balsamic, bon appetit

October 2017 Deliveries

One of my favorite Onion articles in the world features Mr. Autumn Man..."who sources speculate loves Thanksgiving, butternut squash soup, homecoming parades, 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,' apple-picking, and haunted hayrides, emerges reliably every year around this time in his traditional uniform, sometimes alternating his iconic sweater with a fleece vest or pullover." Sound familiar, anyone? 

I was channeling Mr. Autumn Man vibes hard this month - from the pumpkin pie breakfast smoothie to the Bedouin Tea-inspired roasted sweet potatoes with warming flavors like cinnamon, cardamom and sage. The last of my summer/fall CSA deliveries, this month packed some heat too. There was some variety of pepper nearly every week - ranging from tame red peppers to scorching scotch bonnets. This month inspired salads, soups, smoothies and (toasted) seeds. The veggies played a starring role in dishes from around the world - Pakistan, Thailand, India, Austria, Greece and California cuisine. October is the perfect time for getting lost in a slow, steady day of cooking and there's no better way to constantly be on the search for new inspiration and techniques than a surprise box of ingredients each week. 

As The Onion writes, "The Autumnal Ambassador is also believed to be an avid consumer of seasonal produce, his home and hearth redolent of roasting Indian corn, gourds, and other root vegetables." It appears me and Mr. Autumn man are not so different... sigh! 

october 2017 csa || planting my roots
pumpkin pie smoothie || planting my roots

pumpkin pie smoothie

celeriac soup with mustard croutons || planting my roots

celeriac soup with mustard croutons

austrian potato salad || planting my roots

austrian potato salad with seared pork, serious eats

toasted pumpkin seeds || planting my roots

curry pumpkin seeds

biryani || planting my roots

kachi yakhni biryani, saveur

lemon and oregano chicken || planting my roots

roasted chicken thighs with lemon and oregano, bon appetit

october 2017 csa deliveries || planting my roots
csa salad || planting my roots

roasted sweet potatoes, apricots, radishes and pickled onions

bedouin sweet potatoes || planting my roots

bedouin tea (fried sage, cinnamon, thyme and cardamom

salad with roasted red peppers, chicken || planting my roots

roasted red peppers and radishes, grilled chicken and kalamata olives

roasted red peppers || planting my roots

roasted red peppers

october 2017 deliveries || planting my roots
Crispy Thai Pork with Cucumber Salad || planting my roots

crispy thai pork with cucumber salad, bon appetit

chicken tikka masala || planting my roots

chicken tikka masala with cauliflower rice 

october 2017 csa || planting my roots
cheesy panko tahini cauliflower || planting my roots

September 2017 Deliveries

While kids across the country were packing their book bags for the start of a new school year in September, I was gearing up an adventure of my own - a new job that has me immersed in all things food and nutrition. I'm a full month in and I feel grateful everyday for this career opportunity, and for the past five years at my previous job that prepared me for what lies ahead. It's been a whirlwind of a learning curve, but it feels so right to be right where I am now.

This month welcomed in a reset for another reason too - I kicked off a "30 Day Yoga Challenge!" I roll out my yoga mat as the sun rises each morning and am loving the ability to savor a moment of calm. I'm breathing easier, stretching deeper and feeling stronger by the day. Needless to say, the weekly deliveries of fresh, beautiful veggies pairs perfectly with this renewed focus on mind/body health.

September was filled with a lot of newness and fresh starts, and that held true for my kitchen too. I played around this month with flavors of Burma, India, Italy and Greece. I got my hands on vegetables I've never heard of before (red kuri squash, anyone?) and discovered that beets make for a surprisingly satisfying smoothie ingredient. But, in spite of all the "new," I'm walking down memory lane with my eerily perfect Spotify Time Capsule playlist as I write this and I just hugged my best friend from high school goodbye after her visit to DC. September, you had the perfect bookends. 

September 2017 Deliveries
roasted squash, sage and coconut soup || Planting my Roots

roasted squash and coconut soup with fried sage

curry kale chips || Planting my Roots

curry and chili-spiced
kalette chips

September 2017 Deliveries
burmese chicken with fried shallots || Planting My Roots

burmese chicken salad with fried shallots, food52

cinnamon roasted red kuri squash || planting my roots

cinnamon and sage roasted
red kuri squash


baked sweet potato with poached eggs, spices & cilantro

edamame, grapefruit and pistachio salad || planting my roots

edamame, grapefruit and pistachio salad, bon appetit

September 2017 Deliveries
Roasted Radishes with Kalamata Dressing || Planting my Roots

roasted radishes with kalamata dressing, small victories

veggie stir fry || Planting my Roots

orange pepper teriyaki stir fry

beet smoothie || Planting my Roots

hot pink beet, berry & banana smoothie, the first mess

paleo balance bowl || Planting my Roots

paleo balance bowl, little bits of

September 2017 Deliveries
Eggplant Parmesan || Planting my Roots

eggplant parmesan with homemade roasted tomato sauce

Roasted apple salad with pepitas || Planting my Roots

greens with sauteed apples, fried shallots and pepitas

Green with figs, grapefruit and roasted beets || Planting my Roots

greens with figs, grapefruit, goat cheese and pistachios

Honey Roasted Carrots || Planting my Roots

sage and honey roasted purple carrots

July CSA Deliveries

Bet you didn't expect to see a dessert recipe in this batch o' veggies, did you? Scroll through slowly and you'll see a double chocolate zucchini bread! To be honest, I'm not sure what the zucchini does to enhance the chocolate flavors, but I'm all ears for someone to weigh in. Not that I have any complaints because a slice of that chocolate bread warmed up just slightly with a glass of milk...I'm in heaven. 

This month brought a whole bunch of fun cooking projects, above and beyond chocolate-heavy sweets. Thanks to the massive heads of cabbage delivered this month, I had jars of sauerkraut and kimchi on hand. I became reacquainted with one of my first ever favorite food blogs, 101 Cookbooks, and had the opportunity to recipe test from a cookbook I've been dying to get my hands on, Salt Fat Acid Heat.

june csa deliveries || planting my roots
zucchini parmesan || planting my roots

zucchini parmesan, nyt food

peach and avocado salad || planting my roots

peachy avocado salad with leafy greens and goat cheese

zucchini fritters || planting my roots

zucchini fritters with sumac yogurt, williams sonoma

pistachio dukkah beet salad || planting my roots

pistachio dukkah roasted beets

double chocolate zucchini bread || planting my roots

double chocolate zucchini bread, sally's baking addiction

sauerkraut with pork chop and honey and thyme-roasted carrots

sauerkraut with pork chop and honey and thyme-roasted carrots

carrot ginger soup with carrot top pesto || planting my roots

carrot ginger soup with carrot top pesto

beet greens with capers and feta || planting my roots

sautéed beet greens with capers and feta

moroccan carrot and chickpea salad recipe || planting my roots

moroccan carrots & chickpeas, 
101 cookbooks

protein packed salad with kale, pickled onions and quinoa || planting my roots

protein packed salad with kale, pickled onions & golden quinoa

June CSA Delivery || planting my roots
corn, peach, avocado and goat cheese salad with fig dressing || planting my roots

corn, peach, avocado and goat cheese salad tossed with fig dressing

sweet silky corn soup, salt fat acid heat || planting my roots

sweet silky corn soup with chile-lime salt, salt fat acid heat

grilled kale || planting my roots

grilled kale salad with roasted plums and ricotta, bon appetit

roasted patty pan squash, pickled red cabbage, feta and sungold tomato vinaigrette, food & wine