September 2017 Deliveries

While kids across the country were packing their book bags for the start of a new school year in September, I was gearing up an adventure of my own - a new job that has me immersed in all things food and nutrition. I'm a full month in and I feel grateful everyday for this career opportunity, and for the past five years at my previous job that prepared me for what lies ahead. It's been a whirlwind of a learning curve, but it feels so right to be right where I am now.

This month welcomed in a reset for another reason too - I kicked off a "30 Day Yoga Challenge!" I roll out my yoga mat as the sun rises each morning and am loving the ability to savor a moment of calm. I'm breathing easier, stretching deeper and feeling stronger by the day. Needless to say, the weekly deliveries of fresh, beautiful veggies pairs perfectly with this renewed focus on mind/body health.

September was filled with a lot of newness and fresh starts, and that held true for my kitchen too. I played around this month with flavors of Burma, India, Italy and Greece. I got my hands on vegetables I've never heard of before (red kuri squash, anyone?) and discovered that beets make for a surprisingly satisfying smoothie ingredient. But, in spite of all the "new," I'm walking down memory lane with my eerily perfect Spotify Time Capsule playlist as I write this and I just hugged my best friend from high school goodbye after her visit to DC. September, you had the perfect bookends. 

September 2017 Deliveries
roasted squash, sage and coconut soup || Planting my Roots

roasted squash and coconut soup with fried sage

curry kale chips || Planting my Roots

curry and chili-spiced
kalette chips

September 2017 Deliveries
burmese chicken with fried shallots || Planting My Roots

burmese chicken salad with fried shallots, food52

cinnamon roasted red kuri squash || planting my roots

cinnamon and sage roasted
red kuri squash


baked sweet potato with poached eggs, spices & cilantro

edamame, grapefruit and pistachio salad || planting my roots

edamame, grapefruit and pistachio salad, bon appetit

September 2017 Deliveries
Roasted Radishes with Kalamata Dressing || Planting my Roots

roasted radishes with kalamata dressing, small victories

veggie stir fry || Planting my Roots

orange pepper teriyaki stir fry

beet smoothie || Planting my Roots

hot pink beet, berry & banana smoothie, the first mess

paleo balance bowl || Planting my Roots

paleo balance bowl, little bits of

September 2017 Deliveries
Eggplant Parmesan || Planting my Roots

eggplant parmesan with homemade roasted tomato sauce

Roasted apple salad with pepitas || Planting my Roots

greens with sauteed apples, fried shallots and pepitas

Green with figs, grapefruit and roasted beets || Planting my Roots

greens with figs, grapefruit, goat cheese and pistachios

Honey Roasted Carrots || Planting my Roots

sage and honey roasted purple carrots