soup round-up

ahhh, fall! crunchy leaves, crisp air, warm cider. ps it's also really to hard to write about fall without sounding exceptionally basic. so we can all agree - yay pumpkin patches! yay corn mazes! yay sweaters! but, tis the season for soup. there's really nothing that can beat a warm, hearty bowl of soup on a brisk fall day, and coincidentally, one of my potluck pals asked me if i have any soup recommendations. indeed i do, so without further ado...the best of fall soups!

roasted kaboucha squash, carrot and ginger soup with turkey meatballs

This recipe is totally hats off to gina of the gluten-free blog so, let's hang out.

this soup has a lot of perks: 1) gluten-free, 2) super seasonal and nutrient-packed. kaboucha is packed with vitamin a and beta-carotene. so, what are you waiting for?! swing on down to your farmers' market and pick some up! 3) it freezes really well, so it's perfect for sunday afternoon cooking and packing for lunches throughout the week. 

grocery shopping in dupont is always a bit of a choose your own adventure situation - to get all the ingredients i need, i typically have to cobble together outings to the dupont farmers' market (one of the best in the country, in my opinion!), whole foods and trader joes. this is all to say that the weekend i made this soup, time only allowed for me to make it to TJs, and thus, i swapped out lamb with turkey. the spice combo of cinnamon, garlic and ginger still worked beautifully. next time though, i'll be making the trek to whole foods to do a taste test. 

ribollita a la molly yeh with warm pita

if you follow any food news, you'll have seen sprinkles of molly yeh goodness all over the internet lately thanks to her debut of molly on the range! i am strongly of the opinion that all she touches is gold, so i'd be remiss if i didn't include her in this round-up. i recently made her ribollita, which has its roots in tuscany and classically includes beans (in this case cannellini beans) and a hefty serving of veggies (and also in my case, i forgot the tomatoes on my grocery run, so i doubled up on the carrots). i finished it off with a crack of ground pepper, a spoonful of fage plain greek yogurt and some homebaked pita5/5 would cook again. 

celery root soup with herb n' salt focaccia croutons

the ultimate irony happened the day i made this soup. alice waters, a food revolutionary, owner of the world-renowned chez panisse, and creator of this recipe, was a mere five minute walk away from me as i cooked it...and i. had. no. idea. she happened to be at the dupont farmers market, and i was blissfully unaware of this fact as i wrapped up my shopping at the SAME MARKET and happily headed home, eager to pay homage to alice waters with this recipe. UGH. spoiler alert - she came back and i was second in line to meet her at the market a few months later :) alls well that ends well. 

recipe for this soup is here, which alice contributed to oxfam's seasonal eating recipe collection. i paired it with homebaked herb n' salt foccacia, compliments of thekitchn. (ps - remember to make lemon and sea salt focaccia in the spring!)

and some of my other favorites (aka soups i ate too fast and forgot to take pictures of...)

cookie and kate's butternut squash soup - my consumption of butternut squash increases ten-fold in the fall. this soup is one reason why. this soup also freezes well, and you can get creative with it. i love variations on squash soup with freshly grated ginger or curry...there's a lot of ways to make this your own. you would just simply add in those extra ingredients while sauteing. 

chocolate covered katie's sweet potato chili - if you're into watching football, i feel like this would be a great "game day" kind of dish. i am more of the type of person would watch a football game if i knew this chili would be there. the orange zest is really the star of the show here. but two variations i make on this: 1) add in a couple dashes of cinnamon - i find it really enhances the sweet potatoes and 2) top with a generous spoonful of fage plain greek yogurt.