All the News That's Fit to Eat: Week of December 4

There are two pieces I am really excited to share with you today. I know it's fewer than I'd ordinarily hope to post, but I absolutely treasure both because they are bonded by being departures from the ordinary.

The first - an Instagram post from Stephen Satterfield, founder of Whetstone Magazine. He's written a recipe unlike anything I've ever seen. I keep revisiting it because of the calm that washes over me each time I read it. That line about "chill, baby chill"'s all perfection. Stephen, if you are reading this, I will be making cornbread and reporting back. 

The second - an interview with Alice Waters. She is possibly one of the most well-chronicled advocates for eating well, and I mean that in all senses of the word - deliciously, healthfully, simply, seasonally. It was easy for me to slide into listening this thinking that I had heard Waters' story before. I was so wrong. Howie Kahn leads one of the most insightful, unexpected interviews I've ever heard. The beauty of this interview is that it doesn't feel like one at all. 

@isawstephen, Instagram
#cornbread chronicles | oven at 400 with the #castiron in it. cupa #polenta and cupa sifted flour. one teaspoon #salt, and two baking powder, for levitation power. get a second bowl for the wet. for that — melted cultured #butter, a half stick mixed with a blend of yogurt and cream, about 1.5cups. three eggs. that’s more than most cornbread recipes but I need that #richness. 2 tablespoons of #maple syrup. whisk all the wet. keep the wrist moving as you include the dry. be gentle. too much stirring is why your cornbread tastes like rocks. Chill, Baby, chill. It’s lumpy, but don’t be afraid. Things are always changing. Pull the skillet and add butter. That sizzle make you giggle. Pour in the batter. Set your phone for 25 min. Do the dishes and drink wine. Make honey butter. Just like it sounds. Your alarm went off. It’s ready. Please enjoy and report back. 

Alice WatersPrince Street Radio podcast
Alice Waters has run her legendary Berkeley, California restaurant, Chez Panisse, for 46 years. But how did she become the crusader she is today? In an intimate interview with Prince Street's Howie Kahn, hear how Waters, an accomplished activist, turned timidity into tireless strength, how she's learned to follow her instincts, what frightens her and motivates her, what still intimidates her and who absolutely does not. All that, plus the secrets to a perfect salad and one of our sweetest Madeleine Moments yet.

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